PettoGard® Gentle Ear Cleaner For Cats & Dogs


An easy-to-use, non-greasy, water-based ear drop solution formulated for effective ear mite treatment. Our ear drops are developed with your pet’s health in mind by helping them to clear up earwax buildup and remove excess oil from their ears while keeping them moisturized. Keep your pet’s ears clean, comfortable, and healthy with regular use.

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Cleansing and Infection Prevention with a Gentle Ear Cleaner

Unclean pet ears can lead to various concerns such as ear mites, fungal infections, and inflammation.

PettoGard® Gentle Ear Cleaner for Cats & Dogs water-based ear drops are non-greasy and effortlessly applicable to your pet’s ears. It not only moisturizes but also provides soothing relief from irritation and inflammation in your furry friend’s ears. Prioritizing your pet’s ear health, it acts as a proactive measure to prevent any potential ear conditions, ensuring their well-being comes first.

Soothe Irritation and Inflammation

Expertly formulated to ease irritation, curb inflammation, and combat itchiness and redness, this product helps restore your pet’s ear pH balance and maintain ideal moisture levels, ensuring a clean and comfortable ears for your pets.

Treat & Prevent Fungal or Bacterial Infection

Protect your pet’s ears from fungal infections and bacteria with our reliable ear cleaner. Formulated as a defence barrier, it keeps harmful fungi and bacteria away. It also fights ear mites and defends against bacterial threats, ensuring your pet’s ears stay healthy.

Restore Natural Microbial Balance

The natural balance of microbes is key to maintaining your cat or dog’s immune system, naturally providing heightened protection against infections and inflammation. This approach ensures your pet is less susceptible to these issues, promoting lasting ear health and overall well-being.

More reasons to Use PettoGard® Gentle Ear Cleaner

Oil-free and water-based formulation

Free from alcohol, with no harmful additives

Balanced pH tailored for pets

Important Tips

Don’t use Q-tips to clean your pet’s ears

Never use Q-tips or any sharp objects to clean your pet’s ears! Dogs and cats’ ear canals are L-shaped, so inserting sharp objects will push debris deeper and potentially cause injury to the pet’s sensitive ear structures. We recommended using a dropper application to administer ear cleaning solutions into the ear and wiping excess with clean cloth or cotton buds.

How to use

An easily-applied, non-greasy ear cleaning solution.
Need more tips? Read more in our Guide to Essential Ear Care 

Step 1

Lift your pet’s ear flap, direct the nozzle to the ear canal and squeeze to apply generously into the ear canal.

Step 2

Massage the base of your pet’s ear gently.

Step 3

Let your pet shake its head to dislodge excess solution, wax, or debris.

Step 4

Gently wipe away any excess solution or debris from your pet.

Case Studies

Helping pets with their ear hygiene problems one drop at a time

Case #1:


Remove Excess Oil & Wax Blockage

A 4-year-old house cat named Garfield had to deal with excessive wax blockage in the ear canal. Using PettoGard® Gentle Ear Cleaner regularly and following the provided step-by-step instructions, the cat’s ears noticeably improved into a cleaner and healthier state with less wax buildup and debris visible.

Case #2:


Relieve Ear Itchiness & Redness

A 17 year-old Beagle named Maya showed signs of infection after swimming in the pool, causing her to scratch excessively. After routinely using PettoGard® Gentle Ear Cleaner, the red spots noticeably diminished. After Day 2, the redness completely disappeared, and persistent ear scratching has stopped.

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