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PettoGard® Hypoallergenic Foam Shampoo for Dogs & Cats


Our instant foaming shampoo is formulated for deeper cleaning and easy rinsing to make your pets’ bath time faster and easier. Developed with a triple-action formula that moisturizes, soothes, and repairs damaged skin, the shampoo creates a stronger foundation for a more resilient, beautiful coat. This shampoo is gentle and suitable for routine use, ideal for pets with hot spots, itchiness, dry skin, and other skin ailments.

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Soothing Shampoo Designed to Maintain a Healthy and Beautiful Coat

Did you know that your furry friend can experience allergies just like you?

Skin allergies can leave your pets feeling uncomfortable and itchy. These allergies can also result in skin irritation, redness, sores, and hair loss. PettoGard® Hypoallergenic Foam Shampoo for Dogs & Cats can help retain moisture and prevent your pet’s skin and coat from drying out. This shampoo also aids in reducing inflammation, healing wounds, and stimulating new skin cells to grow to support skin damage repair. PettoGard® gives the best care in every wash.

Foams Instantly For Optimal & Deeper Cleanse

Designed for optimal coverage and easy application, the shampoo foams immediately after being pumped out from the bottle so that you can conveniently lather the shampoo onto your pet’s coat without further need to scrub and rub. On top of a gentler bathing experience for pets, the foaming application gives your furry family a deeper cleanse that nourishes and conditions the skin.

Easy Rinsing to Make Bath Time Faster and Easier

If your furry friend has severe anxiety or nervousness around bath time, you want to make bath time faster and less stressful for them. Our foam shampoo makes rinsing easy and bath time a breeze to help lessen our pets’ feelings of stress.

More Washes, More Saving With The Price of One

When you bathe your pet with our foam shampoo, you can reduce water usage and get more washes per bottle – all of which are more cost-effective for you in the long run, on top of reduced packaging usage and negative impacts on the environment.

More reasons to choose PettoGard® Hypoallergenic Foam Shampoo

Non-irritating, anti-inflammatory ingredients

Neutral, light fragrance that keeps pet smelling fresh

Gently conditions skin to ease discomfort

Optimized to retain essential skin oils

Triple Action Formula

Moisturizes, Soothes, and Repairs Pets’ Skin Cells To Help Grow Beautiful Coats

Our shampoo is formulated with gentle ingredients that meet the basic requirements to aid sensitive, irritable skin to repair itself. Completely free from harsh chemicals, our pH-balanced shampoo formula creates a conducive environment for skin cells on dogs and cats to heal and regenerate, without stripping natural oils from your pet’s skin or drying it out.

Triple Action Formula

For Pets with Sensitive Skin

It is common for dogs and cats to have sensitive skin, and it can be caused by many factors such as allergies and weather changes. Some of the most common signs include excessive scratching. If your pet is scratching itself more than usual, this could be an indicator of skin allergies or other dermatological problems.

Our shampoo has antibacterial properties to rid pet skin of bacteria and prevent infections from forming. It is recommended for pets with hot spots, itchiness, irritation, dry skin, dermatitis, skin allergy symptom, and other skin ailments.

Removes Unpleasant Odors From The Coat Due To Infection & Excess Oil

Unpleasant odor on your pets can often be a secondary consequence of allergies and associated yeast and bacterial infections. This shampoo helps to control bacterial and yeast infections linked to the malodor caused by secondary seborrhea, a skin condition caused by overproduction of oil.

Use PettoGard® in Your Pet’s Skincare Routine

Clean, treat, and heal with our range of solutions

Use this Foam Shampoo together with our PettoGard® line of pet care products as part of your pet’s healthy skin routine.

PettoGard 3 Step Routine for Healthier Pet Skin and Coat
PettoGard 3 Step Routine for Healthier Pet Skin and Coat

How to use

Easy on, easy off foam shampoo.

Step 1

Wet your pet with warm water thoroughly.

Step 2

Apply the shampoo evenly on your pet and lather into their coat.

Step 3

Rinse thoroughly to wash away foam shampoo from pet’s coat.

*If skin condition persists, consult a veterinarian.

Tips for washing pets with sensitive skin



  • Use lukewarm water between 21°C to 35 °C.
  • Brush your pet before bathing to untangle their coat and to remove dirt and debris.
  • Rinse your pet thoroughly to remove all shampoo.
  • Don’t bathe your pet with hot water - what’s comfortable for you may not be so for them, and hot water can further irritate or damage their skin.
  • Don’t bathe your pet every day unless recommended by your vet.
  • Don’t use human shampoo for your pets.

Frequently asked questions

PettoGard® Hypoallergenic Foam Shampoo is an instant foaming shampoo suitable for your pet’s dry, itchy, and sensitive skin issues.

PettoGard® Foam Shampoo contains Salicylic Acid, an excellent ingredient that works by softening and moisturizing your pet’s skin while exfoliating dead skin cells, removing excess oils, and washes away odors from the coat and relieves any itching they may cause. Salicylic Acid is used to treat seborrhea, and has antiseptic properties to rid skin of bacteria and prevent infections.

PettoGard® Foam Shampoo is designed for optimal coverage and easy application. It is best used directly – pumped out from the bottle and applied straight away onto your pet’s coat for correct foaming action. We do not recommend decanting the shampoo into other containers.

The foaming application provides a deeper clean that nourishes your pet’s skin. The foam is easy to lather into your pet’s coat and is easier to rinse off, making bath time faster and easier. Instant foaming formulas are also more cost saving compared to normal gel type shampoos.

Parabens are synthetic chemicals and are widely used as a preservative in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and foods. Studies show there are possible negative side effects to paraben use.

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4 reviews for PettoGard® Hypoallergenic Foam Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

  1. Neesa

    Ok! Both my cat loved it! So easy to bathe them because it’s foam type. Two pump only can shampoo the whole cat. Recommended…

  2. Jason Tang

    The foam really makes rinsing easier compared to the gel type I’ve been using on my dog. The smell is not too strong too. Packaging is very nice! Will definitely buy again!

  3. Alyssa Wong

    The shampoo is foamy as advertised and it makes my dog bathing experience a breeze. A little pump goes a long way and the scent is pleasant.

  4. Jamie Lim

    My 6-year-old fur kid suffered from mild dermatitis and I found this product from a recommendation of a pet owner.

    We have bathed our dog over the course of few days and our dog skin condition has improved SIGNIFICANTLY! He is not itching as much as before, and is more active now. We are thrilled with the result and will continue using this shampoo!

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