PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs


Promote faster wound healing for your dog’s itchy and irritated skin with this non-toxic skin cleansing spray.

    • Topical antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral skin care spray
    • Effective for treating cat skin infections, relieving itchiness, and soothing skin irritation
    • Suitable for cats with fungal infections, rashes, minor cuts, hot spots, post-surgical wounds, skin allergies, and more
    • Promotes hair growth by healing the infected area to allow hair follicles to regenerate
    • 100% safe-if-licked and safe to use around eyes, nose, and ears


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Gentle, Non-toxic Wound Care For Faster Wound Recovery in Dogs

The must-have essential skin care spray for your dog’s skin issues

Is your dog constantly scratching or chewing at their skin? Do they have inflamed rashes or minor wounds that don’t seem to heal? Your vet may have prescribed strong medications, but you can also disinfect and soothe your pets’ wounds at home too! PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs is an easy-to-use, non-toxic antibacterial and antifungal skin cleansing spray. Furthermore, it also provides itch relief effectively and helps in wound flushing, wound repair, and preventing potential infections.

Faster Wound Healing & Recovery

Helps fight skin infections to improve wound healing for your dogs by building and repairing muscle and skin tissues.

Treat Skin Infections

Helps to disinfect the skin and cleanse wounds to reduce inflammation, swelling, redness, pain, itchiness, and further infection of the affected area.

Relieve Itchy & Irritated Skin

Reduces scratching to prevent the spread of infections and worsening skin condition.

Promote Hair Growth

Heals the infected area to allow hair follicles to regenerate.

PettoGard Antimicrobial Skincare & Wound Spray for Dogs 500ml and 100ml

Wash & Flush Wound Debris

A sanitizing and disinfecting water-based solution suitable to rinse and clean wounds on dogs.

Suitable for Dogs of All Ages

Safe to be used for puppies and adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Get Rid of Bad Odors

Deodorizes by killing odor-causing germs and bacteria.

Safe if Licked

Non-toxic formula that does not leave any toxic residue after use. 100% safe if licked and safe to use around your dog’s eyes, nose and ears.

How to use PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs

Convenience, versatility, and effectiveness in a bottle

With a simple spray, this non-toxic disinfectant can be used to wash and sanitize your dog’s wounds, keeping the wound area moist. Always take necessary precautions when attempting basic wound care for your pets at home.

Step 1

Move or trim excess hair away from the wound area if needed

Step 2

Spray onto the wound. Do not rinse or rub especially on sore or inflamed skin

Step 3

Repeat treatment 3-4 times a day or for each bandage change

Safer and more superior than toxic-based solutions in the market

It is 100% safe even ingested by your furry kids

With all the variety of pet products in the market, pet owners have their work cut out for them to determine what’s best for their pet. Rest assured that PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs contains no toxic ingredients that may harm your beloved pets.

PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs

(Hypochlorous Acid)

Colloidal Silver-based Solutions

Scientifically proven in promoting health benefits such as wound treatment and its ability in killing bacteria No scientific proof of its claimed benefits
Approved by the Food & Drug Administration of America (FDA) as a safe veterinary solution Banned by the Food & Drug Administration of America (FDA)
No toxic residue that can affect your furry kids Contains metal residue (silver)- frequent ingestion could lead to brain damage
Contains no toxic ingredients whatsoever Toxic to mammalian cells in skin, liver, lung, brain, vascular system and reproductive organ
Safe if licked or ingested as the main ingredients are only salt and water Dangerous if licked or ingested because of the micro silver particles
No reports of serious side-effects since its discovery Can cause serious side-effects such as Argyria & Argyrosis

Killing germs and viruses from the inside out

Effective in penetrating protein-rich cell walls

PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs is formulated using Electrolyzed Water Technology that extracts a high concentration of the active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). Known as nature’s natural germ-killer HOCl is the same acid that is produced naturally by white blood cells to kill invasive bacteria and viruses in the body.

The Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) molecule is electrically neutral, while the cell walls of pathogenic microorganisms are usually negative by nature. This makes it easier to penetrate cell walls and destroy vital cell components of both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, effectively killing these pathogens from the inside.

PettoGard Antimicrobial Skincare & Wound Spray for Dogs is Non-toxic and Safe if Licked

Made without nasty ingredients

We don’t need a long list of chemicals to be effective

PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs is completely safe if licked and does not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives such as

  • Steroids
  • Phenols
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Essential Oils
  • Alcohol
  • Dyes

Positive Reviews on LazMall & Shopee

PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs maintained a whopping 4.9/5 stars review average on Lazada and with proven track record of satisfied customers. We hope these reviews give you more confidence in our products.

It’s good product. I try out many brand not useful. When this, it’s help a lot my dog reduces itches and inflammation spray condition is good and easy. Thank you very much.
— Yong K. from LAZADA
The spray does work on my dog’s skin and his fur is now growing back slowly.
— Sherry from LAZADA
My dog’s skin getting better after using this. Will buy a bigger bottle soon./h5>

— Chan S. from LAZADA
It works well for my dog. Repeated use helps to minimize the inflamed wound area.
— Winnie T. from LAZADA
Good for my dog’s infected area. After 3-4 days of using it, I can see the skin improvement.
— Shirley from LAZADA

Case Studies

Real results from real dogs

Happy and healed furry friends who have tried and recovered from their wounds, bites, infections, skin irritation, or other injuries by using our product.

PettoGard Wound & Disinfectant Spray Case Study Showing Before and After Images for Waffle the Dog's Skin Allergies

Case #1:

Severe Skin Allergies

Waffle, a 1 y.o. puppy, was suffering from serious skin allergies on her belly, elbows, ears, limbs, and paws. Symptoms include hot spots, redness, itchiness, hair loss, and wounds from excessive scratching. Her owner started applying PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs 2-3 times daily on her affected areas. About a week later, there was visible improvement on her skin, and after approximately 40 days, Waffle’s skin and fur have completely healed – returning to her previous normal and healthy state.

Case #2:

Maggot Infested Wound

A 5 year-old Rottweiler was suffering from a maggot infested wound. At first, the wound was inflamed and the dog needed to wear an E-collar. On the 5th day, the wound began to visibly heal. By the 8th day, the wound had almost completely healed and fur started to grow back.

Use PettoGard® in Your Pet’s Skincare Routine

Clean, treat, and heal with our range of solutions

PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs is not just for injuries! Use it as a daily spray on your pet in conjunction with their regular hygiene and grooming routine for healthier skin.

PettoGard 3 Step Routine for Healthier Pet Skin and Coat
PettoGard 3 Step Routine for Healthier Pet Skin and Coat

Spray on these 7 areas to help your pets feel relief from irritation and keep germs at bay.

Learn more on the key areas to pay attention to for your pet’s healthy skincare routine.

1. Mouth & Chin Area

Chin acne or damaged skin around the mouth and lips area can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

2. Ears

Regularly check and clean the ears inside out. Lookout for signs of debris buildup, mites, or infections.

3. Abdomen

Keep your pets’ belly areas clean, especially if they’ve been laying on the floor outdoors or on grassy patches.

4. Neck

Be mindful of your pets’ neck hygiene if they have a collar on. Skin folds or prolonged use of unwashed collars can cause itchiness and scratching.

5. Limbs & Paws

Always keep those paw pads clean, especially after going outside. Germs and dirt can get stuck easily in between the toes.

6. Armpits

Your pet’s axillary regions such as armpits are vulnerable to bacterial infections and parasitic invasions. Keep them clean and dry.

7. Anal region

Some cats or dogs need extra help cleaning around the anus, especially elderly pets or pets with excess hair behind.


Frequently asked questions

MEDIKURIN® PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs has a high concentration of Hypochlorous Acid, an active antibacterial ingredient formulated through electrolysis.

The active ingredient in MEDIKURIN® PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which is produced via Electrolyzed Water Technology. HOCl is a non-toxic, natural germ killer that is also found produced by the white blood cells in our bodies.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is the same naturally-occurring molecule produced by human white blood cells to fight invasive bacteria and viruses in the human body. The HOCl molecule kills bacteria by attacking the cell membranes, “burning” through the cell wall and flooding the cell. Once inside the cell, HOCl oxidizes biological matter, causing the cell membrane to rupture, resulting in the subsequent death of the bacteria.

Upon first use, MEDIKURIN® PettoGard® Wound & Disinfectant Spray for Dogs has a slight scent similar to chlorine, bleach or a swimming pool. This smell is actually from a by-product called chloramines, which are inactive compounds released when bacteria or virus cell membranes break down. The more frequently it is used, the fewer surviving proteins (a.k.a cell membrane material) will be available for the next disinfection. Essentially, the more you use it, the less odor there will be. Chloramines are different from chlorine, which is one of the harmful by-products from bleach.

Please rest assured that MEDIKURIN® PettoGard® Wound & Disinfectant Spray for Dogs is NOT diluted bleach.

MEDIKURIN® PettoGard® Antimicrobial Skin Care & Wound Spray for Dogs is formulated through a patented electrolyzed water that contains no toxic chemicals or additives, and poses no harm if ingested in small amounts. However, it is not recommended to ingest frequently or in large amounts.

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