Hypochlorous Acid: Nature’s germ killer

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a naturally occurring substance produced by our white blood cells for healing and protection. Its powerful ability to kill almost all harmful bacteria while being safe for kids and pets makes it the ideal ingredient for our line of water-based disinfectants.

The science behind the technology

How is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) made?

MEDIKURIN uses a revolutionary Electrolyzed Water Technology to extract our active ingredient Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), nature’s natural germ-killer. HOCl is the same acid that is produced naturally by white blood cells to kill invasive bacteria and viruses in the body.

A quick comparison

Should you make the switch to HOCl?

Although bleach and alcohol are commonly thought of as the most effective disinfectants, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is proven to be equally effective without consisting the harmful properties other disinfectants have.

Hypochlorous Acid, HOCl Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite, NaOCl) Alcohol
pH pH 5-6 pH 13 pH 3-7
Odor Mild Strong Strong
Flammability Non-flammable Non-flammable Highly flammable
Side Effects Non-toxic,
Nausea, irritation to skin, eyes, or throat Nausea, irritation to skin, eyes, or throat
Precautions Safe if ingested in small amounts, safe for kids Use in a well ventilated area, keep away from children Keep away from open flames or heat sources, do not ingest
Effectiveness Kills 99.9% bacteria, germs, and viruses with low concentration Kills common bacteria, viruses, and germs at high concentration Kills common bacteria, viruses, and germs at optimally at 75% concentration

Hyper-effective disinfecting

The cleansing power of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)

Not all germs, bacteria, and viruses can be killed with alcohol or bleach-based products. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) however kills 99.9% of them without any harmful chemicals, residues, or fumes as it can penetrate cell walls easier and destroy those cells from the inside.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is found to be 80 to 100 times more effective than bleach in deactivating bacillus bacteria, fungi, and bacterial spores without being corrosive and hazardous to human beings.

Alcohols lack sporicidal action and cannot penetrate protein-rich bacterial spores.

Hypochlorous Acid can penetrate pathogenic microorganism cell walls very easily, thus making it a very effective disinfectant.

Hypochlorus Acid is 80-100 times more effective than bleach.

Hypochlorous Acid is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Even if it were ingested by accident, it causes no harm!

Killing bacteria from the inside out

The Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) molecule is electrically neutral, while the cell walls of pathogen microorganisms are usually negative by nature. This makes it easier to penetrate cell walls and destroy vital cell components, effectively killing bacteria or pathogens from the inside. In comparison, alcohol molecules have a net negative charge, hence they are unable to penetrate similarly negatively charged viral envelopes or bacteria cell walls.

Safe for your family, deadly for germs

We all want to protect and keep our loved ones safe and healthy, this is why we emphasized on making our products both non-toxic and effective.

MEDIKURIN is proven to be effective against a variety of viruses, germs, and bacteria including, but not limited to: Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EV71, CA16, CB2), Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus, MRSA bacteria, SARS virus, H1N1 influenza, and more.

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