MEDIKURIN: Hypochlorous Acid DOs & DON’Ts

Some reminders on how you can make sure your MEDIKURIN Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) product remains effective throughout your use.

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is a weak acid formulated through the electrolysis of salt water. This solution possesses a powerful sterilizing power that kills most bacteria, viruses, and fungi that we come into contact with. In MEDIKURIN, HOCl is used as an active ingredient in our solutions for different sanitizing or disinfectant purposes.

Despite being a widely used disinfectant in the medical field, it had only recently been recommended for public use. Many scientists and medical professionals are also championing its use as a highly effective disinfectant, sanitizer, and wound care solution.

We’ve gone into great detail on MEDIKURIN HOCl solutions as the legitimate, non-toxic, &  germ-killing alternative you need to keep you safe.

Hypochlorous Acid: EPA Approved, Clinically Tested

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is no lightweight when it comes to killing germs, and is increasingly…

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To support the medical field in encouraging its use outside of the healthcare setting, we feel like it is our due diligence to give the public a quick list of Do’s and Don’ts when using MEDIKURIN’s HOCl products.

1. DON’T: Directly expose the liquid to the sun or other heat sources

Planning to keep multiple bottles of MEDIKURIN’s HOCl sanitizers and disinfectant sprays in your car, kitchen, or just out in the open? There’s a reason why MEDIKURIN is packaged in thick and opaque spray bottles. Our HOCl products should not be exposed to heat or UV light. This exposure is usually the result of transferring the liquid to another bottle or leaving the product in the car.
Don’t Leave MEDIKURIN HOCl exposed to the sunlight.

Leaving MEDIKURIN sanitizers and disinfectants in the car, under the sun, or in a hot room reduces their effectiveness because heat destabilises HOCl

DO: Keep your MEDIKURIN HOCl product in your purse, bag, or pocket when on the go. You’ll be using the product quite often anyway, so it’s better to have it close to you.

2. DON’T: Transfer the liquid to another bottle

Feel like you can stretch MEDIKURIN’s 500ml sprays between a couple of 100ml or 250ml bottles? We don’t recommend this practice, especially if you transfer the solution into a transparent bottle.

Unfortunately, the act of transferring the liquid itself would also expose the HOCl water to light and air. This causes the solution to react to airborne pathogens or microbes found inside the receiving bottle, lowering the concentration of active HOCl molecules in our solutions altogether.

Rationing a MEDIKURIN product into other smaller bottles (especially transparent ones) will expose our solutions to sunlight and the air, affecting the overall efficacy of our product

DO: Buy the right size product for your intended use. All our sanitizer and disinfectant sprays have been measured and tested to suit how frequently a person might use them. If you’re out and about often, we recommend getting a MEDIKURIN Sanitizing Kit!

3. DON’T: Mix MEDIKURIN with any other solution, essence, or detergents

Sometimes when a product runs low, some customers might add tap water or other liquids in hopes that it’ll make a product last longer. Make no mistake, MEDIKURIN HOCl solutions aren’t designed to lather like shampoo or soap, and should not have any water, essences, or detergents added to them.

Other forms of contamination are a result of transferring the solution into another bottle that is not properly dried. Mixing any other liquid into MEDIKURIN’s solutions is a bad move as it changes the overall chemistry of our HOCl solution- sometimes even making it lose its effectiveness in fighting against germs or bad odors altogether.

STOP! Mixing a MEDIKURIN product with other sanitizers, disinfectants, or detergents will reduce the mixture into an ineffective solution

DO: If you are a daily user of sanitizers, we recommend carrying our 500ml bottles or buying our smaller sized products in bulk. MEDIKURIN offers special deals and prices to restaurants, businesses, offices, and event organizers to cater to their daily usage. Contact us for more information on how we can come up with a viable plan for you!

4. DON’T: Dilute with water

This brings us to the number 1 mistake some customers make when using our MEDIKURIN Air Mist: diluting our HOCl solution. This practice may be common for defusers or humidifiers, but the Air Mist solution we provide is a SANITIZER. That means our solution has a HOCl concentration that has been reduced enough to be safe-to-inhale while still effective against airborne pathogens.

HOLD UP! MEDIKURIN Air Mist for Humidifiers should not be diluted with water as it weakens the solution’s concentration!

DO: Use the product as it is. When using MEDIKURIN Air Mist for your humidifiers, make sure there’s enough of our solution in your tank to mist for about an hour or longer.

By the way, don’t be alarmed when MEDIKURIN HOCl solutions give off a faint swimming pool scent when in use. It’s a natural smell that occurs when the active HOCl molecules react to dirt and microbes in the air.

Hypochlorous Acid: EPA Approved, Clinically Tested

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is no lightweight when it comes to killing germs, and is increasingly…

5. DON’T: Leave the cap open, exposing the solution to air

As a reminder to Air Mist users: MEDIKURIN HOCl is activated once it gets misted into the air. That being said, filling up your humidifier should be a quick process with your MEDIKURIN Air Mist for Humidifiers. Be sure to quickly close the cap if there is any solution left in the bottle. Aside from accidentally spilling the solution, you risk reducing its efficacy as it will react to airborne bacteria or viruses.

Leaving a MEDIKURIN product exposed to the air will cause them to react to airborne germs and slowly use up the germ-killing powers of the solution

DO: Keep your MEDIKURIN products properly capped after each use.

6. DON’T: Cross use the products 

Thinking about using our MEDIKURIN Air Mist solution on your hands? We recommend against this as the HOCl concentration in our Air Mist is not suitable to be used as a hand sanitizer. For one, the concentration in Air Mist has been significantly lowered for it to be safe for inhalation and would take longer to be effective on your hands, as compared to MEDIKURIN Hand Sanitizer Spray.

Therefore, MEDIKURIN Hand Sanitizer Spray should be reserved for skin contact, while MEDIKURIN Air Mist should be kept for humidifiers. Likewise, MEDIKURIN Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray is best sprayed onto material surfaces, left for at least 30 seconds, and then wiped off. While non-toxic and safe around pets, they aren’t suitable to be used as wound care or air mist solutions.

While non-toxic and safe-to-inhale, all MEDIKURIN products are specially formulated for their specific uses. You should not be mixing them up with one another!

DO: Follow the label and use only for a product’s intended usage. Each MEDIKURIN HOCl product is specially formulated to have a specific amount of active HOCl to best suit their purposes.

7. DON’T: Use MEDIKURIN solutions in Thermal foggers

Fogging is a disinfecting method that uses a fogging machine to clean the air as well as surfaces. This form of disinfection is used widely in the food and beverage industry, health care centres and the agricultural sector.

There are two types of fogging, Thermal Fogging and Cold Fogging. Thermal fogging machines use high temperature to turn disinfectants into a thick fog. Cold fogging machines vaporize solutions using high air pressure.

Using MEDIKURIN solutions in a thermal fogger would deactivate your HOCl solution due to HOCl’s sensitivity to heat.

DO: Only use MEDIKURIN Air Mist for Humidifiers with cold fogging machines or vaporizers. These machines are more able to transform the solution into its vapor form without using high heat.

Before using your MEDIKURIN HOCl product, make sure you know how to properly care for the product for it to effectively protect you from the germs around you!

MEDIKURN HOCl products are designed from formula to packaging to ensure only the best efficacy when being used by our customers. Our thick, opaque spray bottles and screw-on caps reserve the power of our solution to be activated only when sprayed or misted. This is why we recommend for our customers to buy the right product sizes that match their day-to-day usage needs, store them at appropriate temperatures or places, and follow the instructions on our labels.